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About Us

Based near Kilnaleck in Co. Cavan Zero Grazing Systems specialises in grass feeding solutions by zero grazing. The company offers a lifeline to committed dairy farmers who find themselves curtailed by farm fragmentation or difficult grazing periods. The machine known as the Zero Grazer® is solving these problems and many more on dairy farms throughout the country. Although having existed on the continent for many years the machine or concept never featured on Irish farms. Now with a well established company and the clear benefits of zero grazing realised the future of the Zero Grazer® is set to become common practise in Irish dairy farming.

Zero Grazing Systems Ltd is the combination of Irish research and clever engineering. Like many ideas this formation was born out of necessity. Farm fragmentation is most limiting factor on Irish dairy farms. The logistical nightmare of walking cows or crossing cows on busy roads is a major stumbling block as farmers try to expand cow numbers or increase efficiency by getting cows to grass for longer periods of the year. Research continues to show that increasing the percentage of grass in a cow's diet reduces costs and adds to profitability.

The concept zero grazing is cutting grass and taking it to the animals, rather than the animals walking the distance to graze the grass. This would solve farm fragmentation if distances were to far to walk, but nothing exists to carry out cutting and transport of the grass efficiently until now. Research has been the key and the success of this company, with 2 years of work examining the concept and perfecting a machine to cut and transport the grass before introducing it to the market.

It's this practical knowledge gained in years of dairy farming with logical business thinking that puts Zero Grazing Systems at the cutting edge of grassland management on farms throughout Ireland operating a Zero Grazer®. Farm fragmentation will be the most common factor linking all farmers who purchase the machine but the real advantages of having a Zero Grazer® is Ireland's ability to grow grass. Increasing the percentage of grass in a cow's diet has many benefits. Regardless of the dairy system high yield 'v' low yield or high cost 'v' low cost the Zero Grazer® will have a part to play.